Arming Cyber Warriors to
Gain The Decisive Adventage

See across your terrain to detect, hunt and respond to threats and protect your data.

The Next Generation of Cyber Security Event

Octopus products and services are designed to provide converged Cyber and Physical security, across all industries to defend organizations, assets, and employees.


Cyber resilience on our next-gen military-grade CYBER RANGES platform and technology.

Secure and Manage Privileged Access with a Radically Different Approach

Centrify is redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Identity-Centric PAM founded on Zero Trust principles.

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About Us

Innovative and

Strong Cybersecurity

for The Future

We are a young and energetic team full of passions to help our partner grow together and build security in every way. Because we believe technology will never stop, security always has to follow. The data, the credibilities, and personal information need to be protected all the time. No body can be a super hero or super tool, but we can work together to create a strong and reliable environment with a mature security level.


We deliver strong, innovative, multi-disciplinary tools and teams to address contemporary and future cybersecurity or privacy challenges faced by government, industry, and individuals. 


Our Team will help  Our Partners to have full Information tools for Security & Privacy to identify and address the grand challenges in cybersecurity and privacy. We will educate and train our partners. We will share awareness for the government, industry, and the general public on cybersecurity and privacy issues, and transfer results into deployable technologies.

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