Secure and Manage Privileged Access with a Radically Different Approach

Centrify is redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) with cloud-ready Identity-Centric PAM founded on Zero Trust principles.


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Privileged Access Management

According to Forrester, 80 percent of all hacking-related data breaches involve privileged access credentials. This illustrates that the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management is no longer enough and requires a rethinking of how to protect against privileged access abuse in today’s dynamic threatscape.

Centrify is redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) by delivering cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege to secure access to infrastructure, DevOps, cloud, containers, Big Data and other modern enterprise use cases.

A New Approach to Privileged Access Management is Needed. As traditional network perimeters dissolve, organizations must discard the old model of “trust but verify” which relied on well-defined boundaries. Zero Trust mandates a “never trust, always verify, enforce least privilege” approach to privileged access, from inside or outside the network.

Organizations may consider approaching Privileged Access Management (PAM) by solely implementing password vaults, leaving gaps that can easily be exploited. Centrify Zero Trust Privilege combines password vaulting with brokering of identities, multi-factor authentication enforcement and “just enough” privilege, all while securing remote access and monitoring of all privileged sessions.

Redefining the Legacy Approach to Privileged Access Management

Centrify is redefining the legacy approach to Privileged Access Management (PAM) by delivering cloud-ready Zero Trust Privilege to secure access to infrastructure, DevOps, cloud, containers, Big Data and other modern enterprise use cases.

Centrify Zero Trust Privilege helps customers grant least privilege access based on verifying who is requesting access, the context of the request, and the risk of the access environment. By implementing least privilege access, Centrify minimizes the attack surface, improves audit and compliance visibility, and reduces risk, complexity and costs for the modern, hybrid enterprise.

Over half of the Fortune 100, the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and critical infrastructure companies, all trust Centrify to stop the leading cause of breaches — privileged credential abuse.

Fusion Platform

OCTOPUS Systems was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced security and technology experts with the mission of creating a new breed of smart, agile, and easy to deploy Command and Control software system. OCTOPUS’  advanced, Cloud-enabled Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system and mobile application is offering customer solutions for a variety of vertical markets.

As a unified and converged platform, the OCTOPUS system integrates technology, procedures, and personnel into one command and control center, enabling you to effectively manage all security operations from one screen.

The OCTOPUS system helps organizations across the globe protect people, information, and assets, while constantly striving to raise the bar in the security industry.

See how the Octopus PSIM solution allows organizations to efficiently manage all physical security and cyber security incident and threats from one holistic system with a smart command and control engine combined with a rich mobile application platform.

The PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is an advanced and innovative system for command-and-control of all the information security, safety, and building management and operations, for large enterprises with critical facilities, all handled from a single location via an advanced user interface, in a unified, secure and encrypted manner.

The Octopus System offers a One-stop shop for a security management system that incorporates all the software modules in a single location, currently developed or sold individually on the market. The System is flexible and based on an open architecture with advanced algorithms for connecting third-party Systems and components, and employs a highly advanced user-friendly interface, together with a rich set of apps for mobile devices, all securely managed.

The proposed system is currently in use in critical facilities and in large enterprises throughout Israel and worldwide, including in government ministries, smart cities, police forces, armies, major banks, energy firms, ports, security companies, communications companies, smart building management companies, etc.

Reliable and user-friendly, all our solutions are created internally and designed to be scalable and easy to customize according to your needs. The fact that we always design them in an innovative way, and their presence throughout the whole world are guarantees of our efficiency.

Since we believe in the convergence of technologies, we offer you the possibility to obtain a holistic view of your cybersecurity thanks to the Octopus Open Platform, allowing you to stop threats and adapt your strategies of today and tomorrow.

  • PSIM Solutions
  • Cyber Event Management
  • Visitor Management
  • Safety Management
  • Performance And Monitoring
  • Fleet Management

With Octopus, you’ll be ready. Ready to face the unpredictable.

Next Generation EDR

Fidelis helps you outperform, outmaneuver and outfight cyber attackers at every step to keep your business operations and data safe. Enterprises are at a disadvantage against their cyber adversaries.

Threats come from every angle and many organizations lack complete visibility of their cyber terrain, allowing cyber attackers to lurk undetected as they take aim at sensitive data or look to disrupt business operations. To gain the decisive advantage, security teams need to think like their adversary.This means having greater visibility across the different layers within their environment as well as the automation to scale detection and response capabilities.

Developed and Used by Cyber Warriors

Fidelis Cybersecurity was founded by cyber warriors and continues that rich heritage today. Our cyber warriors are incident responders, SOC operators, intel analysts and threat hunters, from the DoD and US Intel Communities as well as Industry. Our team has built some of the most secure environments and has been called in post-breach to lead the incident response programs for some of the largest data breaches on record.

Our platform provides cyber warriors with the ability to operate inside the adversary’s decision cycle and detect and respond to advanced threats at line speed. Not only do we develop the tools to help win the cyber battle, we use them on behalf of our customers – finding known and unknown threats, rooting them out and protecting sensitive data.

ThreatFusion Cyber Threat Intelligence

Make better-informed decisions through contextualized intelligence.

Monitoring a wide variety of internet sources and layers pose difficult challenges, but ThreatFusion’s autonomous technology accurately crawls, analyzes, and interprets data from many sources to identify leaked credentials and other confidential data.
ThreatFusion’s historical precision and growing robust database help analysts cut through the noise, narrowing down relevant security items and prioritizing SOC analyst time and energy on the most critical security incidents.

The cloud-based platform provides API-ready realtime information on a broad range of cyber threats giving customers the power to get prepared for tactical and strategic responses proactively.

XDR is Everything Detection & Response

Stellar Cyber Open XDR is a unified, AI-powered approach to detection and response.

Stellar Cyber Open XDR is a unified, AI-powered approach to detection and response, that collects and correlates all existing security tools, to protect the entire enterprise attack surface effectively and efficiently. Open XDR is Everything Detection and Response, more than eXtended Detection and Response, because it must defend against all threats across the entire attack surface. The only way to do this is by integrating with existing security tools. Architecturally, Open XDR is about unifying and simplifying the entire Security Stack for the purpose of radically improving detection and response. At any given enterprise, a Security Stack will consist of numerous capabilities like SIEMEDR, NDRSOAR and more. These capabilities were never designed to work with each other, and teams spend too much time managing multiple tools, which is what leads to the problems of today – too many tools, not enough people, not right data. That’s where Open XDR comes in.

RidgeBot™ Automates the Entire Ethical Hacking Process 100x Faster

Ridge Security is transforming Security Validation with automated intelligent systems modeled using the techniques utilized by literally millions of hackers that penetrate systems.

Ridge Security is changing this game with RidgeBot™, an intelligent security validation Robot. RidgeBot™ is modeled with a collective knowledge of threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits and equipped with state-of-the-art hacking techniques. RidgeBot™ acts like a real attacker, relentlessly locate exploits and documents their findings. RidgeBot™ automates penetration testing, making it affordable with the ability to run at scale. They work within a defined scope and instantly replicates to address highly complex structures.

Ridge Security enables enterprises, and web application teams, DevOps, ISVs, governments, healthcare, education, anyone responsible for ensuring software security, to afford-ably and efficiently test their systems.

RidgeHAD — Broken Access Control and Horizontal Privilege Escalation
Broken Access Control refers to the ability of an end-user, whether through tampering of a URL, cookie, token, or contents of a page, to virtually access data where they shouldn’t have access. Commonly encountered are broken access controls and critical security vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities rank #5 in OWASP’s (Open Web Application Security Project) 2017 Top 10 most critical web application security risks.

The design and management of access controls can be complicated and dynamic. Web applications are constantly evolving, and we find that access control rules become inserted in various locations at different times. It is an insidious challenge to detect flawed access controls by relying on a developer’s discretion.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Access Management (IAM)

Kron produces high technology solutions for the operational efficiency and security needs of corporate enterprises in finance, energy and health sectors, particularly in telecommunications.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a cybersecurity domain within Identity and Access Management (IAM) that focuses on monitoring and controlling privileged users and privileged accounts within an organization.

Krontech’s Single Connect™ product family strengthens, simplifies and secures the management of privileged accounts, for enterprises and network operators who serve them. Single Connect™ unifies multivendor environments with pre-integrated modules managing dozens of vendors and hundreds of network elements and servers with a single, universal system.

Privileged Session Manager
Secures privileged users (IT and Network admins) access to critical systems. Tracks all user activities and provides VCR-like replays of sessions. Prevents unsupervised access by inside actors, contractors or 3rd parties to critical systems.

Two-Factor Authentication
Provides second layer of security to verify your identity to make fraud attempts ineffective.

Unified Access Manager
Provides AAA services for network infrastructure and extends authentication and policy configurations of AD to network.

Data Access Manager & Dynamic Data Masking
Single point of access control management for database layer, secures data access with logging, policy enforcement, and masking.

Cloud PAM
Protects client organizations’ assets whether their infrastructure is on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and supports Cloud IaaS platforms.

Privileged Task Automation
Provides a single interface to configure the ability of network business flows with dynamic and extendable command sets.

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